Community Focus

A Community Access Program for Individuals with a Mental Illness

Community Focus Assoc. Inc.

Is a community based mental health service, the primary aim of our organization is to contribute to reducing the isolation of individuals and groups within the community by promoting social interaction and connectedness, providing access to information and activities that promote mental wellness. Engaging participants (consumers) as members of the community not separated or isolated but as productive valuable contributors, promoting community inclusion and wellbeing such as social connectedness, supportive relationships and environments, freedom from discrimination and violence, by encouraging and supporting active peer participation.


Discovery Program


The Discovery Program an initiative of Community Focus provides social and emotional support to individuals utilizing group activities that are centered based as well as outreach programs to coastal and hinterland areas. Program development and direction is a collaborative process engaging participants, staff and management.



3/2 Anne-Maree Close

Maroochydore QLD 4558

To contact us:

Phone: (07) 5479 3110

Fax: (07) 5479 3585